Click record and let it roll

After some great feedback from experienced selfie-videographers on LinkedIn, today I didn’t do multiple takes but just clicked record and let it roll. And with that pressure I managed to record my video in one take only!

Without the possibility of redoing the video I managed to pull together my thoughts and make much fewer mistakes than I expected.

In this video I went a bit over the 30 second mark, but wanted to spend a little time exploring my fear and what’s held me back from filming myself and sharing it on Linkedin.

I think my fear comes from the concern of being rejected or my thoughts not being worthy of the audience. But I now see there is incredible support out there, and I need not be afraid of these things.

I encourage each of you to step out and tackle something that’s been on your mind. Don’t be afraid but jump in and see what happens. Don’t let fear be your motivator or excuse, but instead follow love ❀️ and positive thought πŸ€—and let that drive you! Thanks for everyone’s likes and comments from my first video.

Thank you Fraser, Danielle, Carlos, Daniel, Erika, and Veli.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Day 1 of #30days30videos on Linkedin

Happy new year, everyone! To celebrate the new year and set a challenge for myself I’ve decided to overcome my fear of the camera and share a 30-sec video of me every day for 30 days on LinkedIn. I also want to get to know the LinkedIn community better and learn more about you.

What are your thoughts for 2019? What are your goals or fears? πŸ€”πŸŒˆπŸ’₯πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈπŸ’΅

Thank you to a host of amazing people for their encouragement and inspiration for me to step out and engage more with the community (whether they know it or not). Thanks to Danielle Thompson, Jonathan Creek, String Nguyen, Noah Kagan, Fraser Cameron, Goldie Chan, Nicholas Thompson, Sorelle Amore, John Green, and of course Gary Vaynerchuk. Have an awesome 2019!!