Each day it takes me 30-60 min to film, edit and publish a video of under a minute to LinkedIn. ⏳😀🎬

My videos are very basic, but I wanted to highlight that it’s possible for anyone to do and doesn’t take too long.

🔇🔇🔇 On Linkedin the sound is off!

The longest stage for me right now is the captions and editing. I include captions because I believe many people browsing LinkedIn don’t have their sound turned on.

More than any other social network, people are using LinkedIn at their desk and rarely plug in their headphones for a 30-sec video.

Here’s my process each day:

1️⃣🎥 Film the video (5 min)
– Using my iPhone and airpods as mic (compromise)

2️⃣🗜Compress and download video to laptop (3 min)
– Open video in Quik app 

3️⃣🤼‍♂️Use Camtasia to edit, create & add captions (30 min)
– Type up captions in template text doc
– Import to Camtasia 
– Adjust for timing of video

4️⃣👆 Upload, write the post and publish (15 min)
– Usually write it up in Evernote in case LI has a problem

This is oversimplified but just a very basic summary. Let me know if you want a more detailed breakdown and I can expand further.