A couple of days ago I published my 19th video on LinkedIn for 2019 and there is still only 1 view and no other activity. That’s after 40 hours!

The video is definitely published but it doesn’t seem to have actually been released into the LinkedIn ecosystem. Can you see the video?


Let me know if you can discover any problem with it? Why is it hidden by LinkedIn? Why isn’t it getting out there?

(UPDATE 1: I’ve re-uploaded the video in case you want to see and I tested it with another account so it should work)

(UPDATE 2: I’ve found out some people can’t see this new link, so here is another version I’ve uploaded)

Have you ever had this issue before with LinkedIn? Have you published something and then waited and absolutely no activity or engagement?!? It might not be your content that’s the problem, it might be LinkedIn itself! Share your experience on LinkedIn.

(UPDATE 3: We finally found that there is some text which seems to cause the post to appear lost for other users. I’m still trying to replicate and find the exact text which causes the issue. Seems it’s a LinkedIn Bug!)