I’m really getting into cycling. 🚴🌬

I’m still certainly an amateur but it’s by far my preferred form of transport in Melbourne. Even when it’s raining a bit I still find it preferable to any other method of movement.

Cycling is great because

  • 🚴 You’re in control of your time (late trains or traffic don’t slow you down)
  • 🚴 Great exercise for your whole body (especially cardio and quads)
  • 🚴 Keeps your brain alert but still allows you to subconsciously reflect on other thoughts
  • 🚴 It’s fun and challenging at times
  • 🚴 Often faster than public transport 
  • 🚴 Very convenient for middle distances
  • 🚴 Easy to find parking
  • 🚴 Get some fresh air and Vitamin D

What do you think? Are there any other cyclists out there? How do you get around your city? Please share on LinkedIn!