This morning I met a friend for coffee. He has an architecture firm and is considering how best to spend his limited time on marketing. We concluded that the key to an effective marketing strategy, no matter what the size, is AUTHENTICITY. ❤

There are thousands of things you can do to market your business. Whatever it is you start with, it’s crucial that you remain authentic to yourself and your brand.

Personally, I’ve found it difficult to be authentic online. I keep thinking that I need to change who I am or curate my life or something.

I am afraid to share my thoughts.

I continue to be concerned about how they might be interpreted by others. Will people think i’m stupid or boring?

However, as I keep recording myself and I keep sharing I’m receiving some great feedback and support from those around me.

It’s incredibly encouraging and it empowers me to continue to push myself, to share more and be more authentic, in the same way I encourage brands and businesses I work with.

What do you think about being authentic online? Do you have any fears? Is authenticity online a good thing or it’s being overdone?

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